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The Benefits of MyHome Ashburton Carpet Cleaning System

MyHome Ashburton incorporates a highly modern Dry-Touch system for carpet cleaning that renders carpets dry within an hour of having employed the system. Our cleaning solutions come Healthguard-infused, which helps carpets get rid of fungi, bacteria and mould. The Dry-Touch system is also renowned for its highly effective stain-removing capabilities, especially when compared to other widely available carpet cleaning techniques. Our cleaning system employs an effective and unique six-step process that depends on solvent-based cleaning agents, which quickly evaporate post usage and do not leave a trace behind. Our cleaning technique restores a carpet’s natural balance, softness and bright hues. Our Dry-Touch system also doesn’t leave behind any chemical odour or carpet smell post cleaning. What’s left behind is a fresh and lemony light fragrance.

Carpet Dry-Touch Cleaning
For more than three decades, our Dry-Touch cleaning service has been the benchmark for the industry.

Tile & Grout
We also offer tile and grout cleaning service that should make your dull and worn-down tiles look fresh and bright like before.

Timber Refresh
With Timber Refresh, MyHome’s patented system, timber floors can be restored to their lost glory.

Timber Restore
Our Timber Restore offering helps minimize scratches and inject life into dull wooden flooring. And you’ll not have to put up with the mess, inconvenience, and noise that’s usually identified with sanding.

Upholstery Cleaning
We employ special cleansers to completely clean and restore upholstered furniture. Our cleaning agents can be safely used even on the most delicate, fine-spun fabric.

Restore Mattresses’ Lost Health
We get rid of stains, dust mites, and dead skin from bedding with the help of our mattress cleansing agents, thereby restoring your mattress’ health and making them look fresh again.

Mould Cleaning
We have expert mould remediation technicians on-board who can expertly eliminate spores and moulds.

MyHome Carpet Cleaning Ashburton Results

There are several reasons why Ashburton locals carpet their floors. Carpets provide the feeling of coziness and warmth. Also, carpets come in a range of colours, styles, materials and designs. Carpets help keep a space warm, which helps reduce energy consumption and keeps kids and pets warm and safe. Carpets can also lend to your specific living space style preferences. But what can you do to make sure your carpets look and smell new and fresh for longer? This is where the services of professional cleaning experts comes into the picture.

A lot of people do not professionally clean their carpets frequently enough. In fact, to most of them, vacuuming and cleaning spots left behind by spilt drinks or food, or animals is good enough cleaning. Only when you think about the various germs that could breed and hide (such as dust mites, fungus, and bacteria) in your carpet’s deeper fibres, would you realise spot cleaning would not cut it. There is dirt and dust, allergens, hair and dry skin, body oils, pet dander, mould, grime and bacteria living in carpets that aren’t professionally cleaned.

Resorting to the professional cleaning services of MyHome Carpet Cleaning Ashburton shall help you keep your carpets clean, healthy and fresh. The Dry-Touch cleaning service of MyHome would lengthen your carpet’s life, saving you the trouble and money that goes into buying a new carpet. Your carpets would look great, smell fresh and will not spread allergens, funguses, bacteria and moulds that can cause various diseases. The best aspect is MyHome does the job by using minimal water so that your carpet is dry and ready for use within an hour.

Why is MyHome Carpet Dry-Touch Ashburton Cleaning So Effective?

There are six primary stages to the Dry-Touch cleaning system. The different steps are part of MyHome’s encapsulation technique that guarantee the most complete, effective and consistent carpet cleaning outcome possible. Our systematic approach would ensure you get the cleaning results that we promise.

Step 1: Wall-to-Wall and Crevice Vacuum
To eliminate years of built-up and ingrained grime and dirt, our trained, dedicated and skilled technicians use hospital-grade SEBO filtration vacuum to clean carpets, upholstery and rugs.

Step 2: Individual Spot and Stain Treatment
Our non-toxic, yet robust cleaning treatments are put to use on every stain by your skilled technicians. They preheat the marks and stains to ensure a thorough and consistent clean.

Step 3: Dry-Touch Encapsulation
We employ a specially devised sprayer that applies an extremely thin layer of encapsulation onto the carpet’s surface, thereby kick-starting the polymer process.
Step 4: Orbital Massage

Step 4: Orbital Massage
Post encapsulation, we put to play a specially engineered and designed orbital scrubber so that the encapsulation product integrates with the carpet fibres.

Step 5: Grooming the Pile
Our Ashburton technicians will groom your carpet carefully for pile alignment, so that the drying time is shortened.

Step 6: Post-Vacuum and MyHome Quality Care
A day after your carpet, upholstery or rug has been cleaned, our technicians return to your place for a thorough final vacuum and to also treat stubborn, residual stains (if any).

How the MyHome Carpet Cleaning Ashburton Process Differs From Steam Cleaning

The MyHome Dry-Touch Revolution

We, at MyHome Ashburton, have developed the Dry-Touch cleaning system, and are therefore quite confident that our patrons would love our work since the cleaning system is extremely effective. Using the advanced encapsulation technique, we can guarantee you a hygienic, thoroughly cleaned carpet that’s free from dirt, dust, funguses, allergens and bacteria.

We employ polymer detergent encapsulators and a rotary machine that doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to get the job done. The soil particles bind to the encapsulator and vacuuming removes the minute particles completely. Hot water systems or steam cleaning, apply hot water and chemicals and then suck the soils and dirt out. The outcome could be a smelly, wet carpet and probable carpet fibre damage.

Using our advanced technology, we would thoroughly clean your carpets and make sure they dry completely within an hour. If your upholstery or rugs are yearning for a new and refreshed look, you can have them cleaned courtesy of our cleaning service. In case you are not happy with our job, we shall offer you another session of thorough cleaning for free.

The MyHome Benefits:

Freshness and Convenience
Cleans carpets and leaves them smelling fresh, feeling soft, and looking great. And they are ready to use within an hour too.

Your carpets would experience no damage due to harmful chemicals.

Cleaning That Lasts
We get rid of residue, which means carpets would remain cleaner for longer and that means they last longer too.

Healthy Carpets
Harmful proteins and pollutants get filtered out, which helps keep allergies and other health disorders at bay.

100% Satisfaction – Guaranteed!

We are extremely confident that you will love our cleaning service. If you don’t, we can do the cleaning again for free.

We Do More Than Just Clean Carpets!

In Ashburton, We Do The Following:

  • Clean rugs (and get rid of stains)
  • Clean upholstery with white glove care
  • Safeguard fabric and fibre
  • Clean and make the blinds and curtains look new again
  • Offer leather conditioning and care
  • Clean and make your timber floors look new again

Carpets Clean, Dry and Ready to Walk On In One Hour – Guaranteed!

Carpet cleaning could seem like a straightforward, simple affair. But it’s actually not that easy to choose the right Ashburton carpet cleaner. The reason being the majority of carpet cleaning firms employ steam cleaning that uses a mixture of water and certain harmful chemicals. This hot water technique could damage carpet fibres or fabric and leave your carpet, rug or upholstery extremely wet, smelling like a chemical factory and with damp spots that would only attract more dirt.

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