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The Benefits Of MyHome Pascoe Vale Carpet Cleaning System

We at MyHome Pascoe Vale take pride in our ability to remove unhealthy fungi, bacteria, and mould from our customer’s carpet. The cleaning system we use is so efficient that our customers will be able to walk on their rugs in as little as one hour.

Our high-efficiency system restores the beautiful bright colours and the soft touch your carpet once had. MyHome Pascoe Vale Dry-touch will not leave your carpet with any of the chemical odours that you might be familiar with from other carpet cleaning methods. You will not detect any wet rug smells; just a light, fresh lemony fragrance.

To avoid any shrinking or stretching of the carpet, we at MyHome Pascoe Vale do not use any harsh chemicals in our products. We also avoid using too much moisture or heat.

MyHome Carpet Cleaning Pascoe Vale Results

People in Pascoe Vale prefer using carpet on their floors because of the warmth it provides and the cosy atmosphere it adds to the home. Carpets come in an abundance of colours and patterns, allowing fashion and elegance to be displayed in any room of the house.

Carpets can also help cut down on the energy bill by adding warmth to any home in the winter months. Families tend to spend a lot of time indoors over the winter which can result in a need to refresh the carpets and restore them to their former cosy conditions. Maintaining carpet regularly can save money by keeping them in the best possible condition for many years.

MyHome Carpet Cleaning Pascoe Vale looks forward to helping you keep your rugs fresh, clean, and healthy. Carpeting can be costly, and we want to help you, to keep your carpets in the best shape possible so that you do not have to replace them any sooner then you should. Our MyHome revolutionary Dry-Touch Cleaning system extends the life of your carpet, keeping them smelling fresh.

100% Satisfaction – Guaranteed!

We at MyHome will never over soak your carpets with too much water or oversaturate them with chemicals. And we will have you walking around your home again in an hour. We stand by our services and guarantee you will be completely satisfied with the job we do. If not, we will clean them again with no additional charge to you.

We Do More Than Just Clean Carpets!

In Pascoe Vale We Do the Following:

  • We clean your rugs and remove stains
  • We use white glove care to clean your upholstery
  • We take great care in protecting fibre and fabric
  • We clean curtains and blinds to give them a fresh look
  • We offer leather care and conditioning
  • We clean timber flooring and restore their fresh look

Carpets Clean, Dry And Ready To Walk On In One Hour – Guaranteed!

There are many ways that a business will clean carpets. It is not always so straightforward in choosing the right company to clean your carpets. We use the best possible techniques to make sure you are satisfied with the job we do.

Many carpet cleaning businesses use lots of water and harsh chemicals to clean carpets. This can damage the underlying layers of the carpet and cause other unseen damage below the surface. Many problems can result from these hot-water extraction techniques. And you won’t even know it until it is too late.

MyHome Carpet Cleaning Pascoe Vale will make sure your carpets are cared for properly without overloading the carpet with water and chemicals. We understand that carpet in a home is a big investment and we want to make sure that we do it right the first time and have you back to walking around in your home in one hours’ time.

We will make sure that your carpets are hygienically clean, creating a safe and healthy environment for you and your family, without the drawback of how other companies clean rugs. We will give you a free, no obligation quotation. Just give us a call now on 13 22 31 Or if you prefer you can send us an enquiry online, and we will get back to you shortly.

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