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Superior carpet cleaning from MyHome

Your carpets beautifully clean, dry and ready to use within 1 hour…

Carpets are one of the trickiest areas of your home to properly clean and maintain – and left untouched, they can also be one of the unhealthiest.

For many people, carpet cleaning isn’t considered a priority when it comes to household cleaning and maintenance, but carpets need to be cleaned at least once a year by a qualified technician.

Here’s why regular carpet cleaning is so important a healthier home

While carpets make a home cosy, warm and comfortable, they can become a haven for air pollutants, dust, mould and dust mites.

This is especially true in winter, when closed windows and doors cause dust and pollutants like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds – emitted from certain cleaning products) to settle.

Carpets, especially where they’re a playground for toddlers and young children, can cause allergies, headaches and other health problems if not correctly cleaned and cared for. A clean, refreshed carpet means a healthier home with less to worry about.

Carpet renewal – a fresh like-new look

Freshy (and correctly) cleaned carpets bring back the pleasure of brand-new carpets. There’s nothing softer or more pleasant to walk on than plush, fresh fibres.

A thorough professional clean can perk up even the tiredest carpets, springing up lazy fibres and removing stains. If stains are left to linger, they are more likely to become permanent fixtures in your house – ruining the look of your carpet permanently.

Prevent the build-up of unsightly traffic lanes

Regular carpet cleaning prevents the build-up of dirt (brought in by muddy, dirty or grease-ridden shoes) and ‘traffic lanes’ on your carpets. Once dirt settles into a carpet, it becomes a magnet for filth – another reason to consistently maintain your carpet with regular cleaning.

Reduce the risk of allergies

Carpets are traps for allergy-causing proteins, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and even dust mites, and have been linked to asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Regular cleaning is important to fight allergies and create a healthier, allergy-free environment for you and your family.

Lengthen the life of your carpet

If left untreated, spots and stains can become permanently ‘fused’ into your carets, and trapped dirt and grit can wear down your carpet fibres and reduce its life significantly. As with any investment, it’s important to properly maintain a carpet to keep it looking fresh and increase its longevity.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We want you to be completely satisfied with your carpet clean, which is why we do it right, or we do it again for FREE.

Get your carpets cleaned now for just $149 for two rooms. For a free estimate call today on 13 22 31 or request a quote online now.

MyHome Dry-Touch carpet cleaning – a revolution in carpet cleaning

Traditional carpet cleaners use either a hot water extraction system (often wrongly called steam cleaning) which uses on a mixture of chemicals and hot water to do the cleaning or a harsh commercial dry-cleaning system.

But, unlike the MyHome Dry-Touch carpet cleaning system, these outdated carpet cleaning methods have some major drawbacks…

Four big problems with hot water extraction (or steam cleaning) systems

Problem #1 – steam cleaning can leave sticky chemical residues that quickly attract dust and dirt, making your ‘just cleaned’ carpets look as grubby and dirty as before the clean!

Problem #2 – this old method can leave your carpets soaking wet for hours, sometimes days!

Problem #3 – the chemicals used can have a strong unpleasant odour, this can leave your home smelling of chemicals.

Problem #4 – the combination of water, chemicals and heat means that hot water extraction can cause your carpets to shrink. In the worst cases, this results in them pulling away from the edge of your room – ruining your carpets for good.

The drawbacks of traditional dry carpet cleaning (usually used in commercial premises)

Traditional dry carpet cleaning (non-encapsulation) has been a popular choice for commercial premises, where carpets need to be in use as soon as possible after cleaning.

Problem #1 – this method, while useful for commercial purposes, is not recommended for residential homes.

Problem #2 – it is more of a surface clean, with limited capability for deep-down dirt removal.

Problem #3 – the vigorous buffing method used can damage carpets, leaving swirl marks and fuzzy, distorted fibres.

Problem #4 – harsh cleaning chemicals are left in the carpet, resulting in rapid re-soiling.

Problem #5 – many carpet manufacturers warn against dry cleaning because of the risk to carpet fibres.

Needless to say, we do things differently at MyHome Carpet Cleaning.

For hygienically clean carpets, without the risks and disadvantages of traditional hot-water extraction methods, call us now on 13 22 31 for a free, no obligation quotation or request a quote online now.

The power of Dry-Touch Encapsulation

Our encapsulation method of cleaning works on the level of nanotechnology – trapping and removing dirt from even the hardest-to-reach places.

Encapsulation starts (after a thorough clean and spot and stain treatment) with the application of a polymer forming spray that reaches deep into the pile of your carpet to attract and capture dirt and debris.

Polymers are a very large, chain-like molecule made up of smaller molecules (monomers). Polymers can occur naturally (for example, in leather and rubber) or synthetically. They are used in the encapsulation carpet cleaning method to trap dirt by crystallisation before agitation and vacuuming.

Our highly advanced and specialist carpet cleaning encapsulation spray contains both polymers and detergents. These work together to attract, capture and release dirt.

When applied, and after the detergent has done its job in attracting the dirt and debris, the polymers fully encapsulate and crystallise this growing detergent-dirt mixture.

This encapsulated mixture then dries almost completely allowing the dirt, debris and detergent to be captured within a crystallised ‘bubble’. This ‘bubble’ can then be safely vacuumed away, without leaving wetness or sticky chemical residue behind.

The MyHome Dry-Touch carpet cleaning system will deep clean your carpets reviving the soft look and feel of the fibres, without leaving them soaking wet, prone to shrinkage or smelling of chemicals.

For a free estimate call today on 13 22 31 or request a quote online now.

Our 6 Step Dry-Touch process

Our unique 6 Step Dry-Touch process – leaves your carpets ‘deep-down’ clean, fresh and ready to use within one hour. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Wall-to-Wall and Crevice Vacuuming

A thorough pre-vacuum with specialist equipment to get to hard-to-reach areas such as tight crevices and edges.

Step 2: Individual Spot and Stain Treatment

After a thorough inspection, your technician use a powerful non-toxic treatment and specialist equipment to pre-treat marks and stains.

Step 3: Dry-Touch Encapsulation Technology

Your technician then layers your carpet with a polymer forming spray that reaches deep into the pile to attract dirt and grit.

Step 4: Orbital Massaging

Using a specially designed orbital scrubber, your technician then massages the encapsulation spray deep into the individual carpet fibres – for a truly thorough ‘deep-down’ clean.

Step 5: Groomed Pile Alignment

Your carpets are carefully groomed using a process called Pile Alignment for a great finish and faster drying times.

Step 6: Post-Vacuum and MyHome Quality Care

This is followed by further visit by your technician to check everything and to give your carpets a final thorough vacuum.

To have MyHome Carpet Cleaning Melbourne hygienically deep clean your carpets and have them dry within just 1 hour, simply call us for a free estimate on 13 22 31 or request a quote online now.

The compelling benefits of the MyHome 6 Step Dry-Touch carpet cleaning system

Dirty carpets don’t just bring down the look of a room, unclean carpets are a haven for dust, potentially harmful air pollutants and even dust mites.

And trapped dirt and grit deep-down in the pile of your carpet, can actually shorten the life of your carpets.

When you choose MyHome Carpet & Fabric Care, your carpets will not only get that ‘like-new’ fresh smell, soft feel and clean look, but you also get these benefits…

A deeper clean

The MyHome Dry-Touch carpet cleaning system works on the level of nanotechnology, with the polymer application targeting the finest and deepest trapped particles and securing them – along with the cleaning agent – in a molecular, bubble-like seal.

This is easily vacuumed away when dry leaving you with a beautifully clean carpet.

Stubborn stains removed

Our spot and stain pre-treatment process, treatments and equipment mean that your stubborn stains are removed from your carpets. Because we treat each spot and stain individually, we can target each one with the best and most effective treatment.

In addition, if any re-appear we treat them again on the follow up inspection visit.

A safer clean

Our encapsulation technology ensures that all chemicals and cleaning agents are completely removed from your carpets with our Dry-Touch process. This mean’s a fresher smell, a softer feel and air that’s free from harmful air pollutants and allergy-inflaming proteins.

The chemicals used during MyHome Dry-Touch carpet cleaning are minimal and are far milder than the harsh acid/alkali applications used in hot-water extraction, which can also damage and discolour carpets.

A dryer clean

As only a little water is used in the Dry-Touch process your carpets are dry and ready to use within an hour or two. In addition, this reduces the risk of shrinkage, discolouration and mildew developing.

A fresher clean

Because the MyHome system using fewer chemicals and less water this means that a Dry-Touch clean is not only safer, but fresher. There’s are no strong chemical or wet dog smells left hanging in the air once the clean is done, or nasty air pollutants.

A more consistent clean

The MyHome 6 Step Dry-Touch system enables a more consistent, efficient and thorough clean. The powerful nature of encapsulation technology and the thorough approach of the 6 Step System means that cleaning your carpets isn’t dependent on the ‘elbow grease’ approach of any one person – the power is in the system.

A longer-lasting clean

With Dry-Touch there’s no sticky residue, dirt or chemicals left behind to attract re-soiling. This means that your carpets are fresher and cleaner – and that they stay cleaner for longer.

Longer lasting carpets

Because the 6 Step System is so good at cleaning deep-down, your carpets will last much longer. Trapped dirt and grit at the base of your carpets can grind and cut carpet fibres, shortening the life of your carpets.

Our 6 Step Dry-Touch system is a quality encapsulation service exclusive to MyHome. We believe we have the finest carpet cleaning service available, and guarantee this to all our customers.

The benefits of encapsulation and our 6 Step Dry-Touch system far surpass those possible with outdated carpet cleaning methods like traditional hot-water extraction and dry cleaning.

To experience the benefits for yourself, call us now on 13 22 31 for a free estimate or request a quote online now.

What our customers say...

“I just wanted to say I was most impressed with Sam the carpet cleaning guy. The carpet in my apartment is transformed! He moved and replaced everything back perfectly and every stain was lifted!”
Marie Sheppard, South Yarra

“I would just like to inform your company that Leigh has been the most lovely person to deal with and he did such a wonderful job on my carpets, it is the best job I have ever had.”
Effie Rousis, Balwyn

“Just to let you know we were very happy with Sam and the job he did today with our carpets, he was very polite and diligent, and the carpets look almost like new.”
Georgina Frost, Richmond