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Your Rugs – Deep Cleaned, Dry and Ready to Use Within 1 Hour…

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Your Rugs – Deep Cleaned, Dry and Ready to Use Within 1 Hour…

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Rugs are notorious for collecting dust, dirt, mud, pet hairs and oils – and they can trap and hold allergens and dirt that exacerbate allergies and create an unhealthy environment in your home.

When you consider that rugs are often placed in high traffic areas or in areas where children play – it highlights the importance of regular, thorough, deep cleaning.

But cleaning alone isn’t the only critical factor, the cleaning methods used make a huge difference!

For example, rugs that are cleaned using old fashioned hot water extraction (also called steam cleaning) methods can take a long time to dry, can shrink and can quickly become dirty again.

This is because old fashioned steam cleaning methods can leave sticky chemical residues that quickly attract new dust and dirt, use a lot of water (causing the shrinkage) and can leave unpleasant smells.

And older chemical cleaning treatments can also cause issues – chemical cleaning often fails to reach deep-set dirt, and the harsh chemicals used can be especially damaging to fabric fibres and can leave an unpleasant chemical odour.

At Myhome, we do things differently…

Myhome Dry-Touch Technology

Dry-Touch is an exciting new development in rug cleaning services, using new polymer technology to encapsulate and effortlessly remove dirt, dust mites, pollutants and oils that can settle deep into rug fibres.

The Myhome Dry-Touch System means we can give your rugs a much deeper, thorough and longer lasting clean.

The system uses highly advanced encapsulation technology to give you the best clean possible, with none of the unpleasant side effects of cleaning systems like hot water extraction (steam cleaning) or old style chemical cleaning.

Introduction to sofa cleaning

What is Encapsulation and How Does it Work?

Encapsulation begins (after a thorough pre-clean spot and stain treatment) with the application of a special polymer forming spray.

The encapsulation spray contains both polymers and detergents, which work together to attract, capture and release dirt.

When applied, and after the detergent has done its job in attracting the dirt and debris, the polymers fully encapsulate and crystallise the detergent-dirt mixture.

Once dry, this creates a crystallised ‘bubble’ that can then be safely vacuumed away removing all the dirt and cleaning solution, without leaving any sticky chemical residue.

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The Six-Step Rug Cleaning Process

There are six key steps to the Dry-Touch System – each step plays a critical role in ensuring that you get the most thorough and long-lasting rug clean possible.

Step 1: Hospital Grade Vacuuming

The technician uses a hospital-grade SEBO filtration vacuum to remove built-up dust, dirt and dust mites – giving each piece of furniture a thorough pre-clean.

Step 2: Individual Spot and Stain Treatment

Your technician then uses a range of powerful non-toxic pre-treatments and specialist equipment to pre-treat marks and stains. Each stain and mark is individually treated with the most appropriate cleaning products and techniques. Pre-treating stains in this way ensures a consistently thorough clean and a beautifully clean rug.

Step 3: Dry-Touch Encapsulation Application

Using our specially designed sprayer, we apply a fine layer of encapsulation product to the rug, beginning the polymer process. The detergents and polymers work together to attract, capture and to prepare for the clean release of dirt.

Step 4: Orbital Massaging

Next, using our specially engineered orbital scrubber we gently massage the encapsulation product into the individual fibres of your rug – ensuring a truly deep clean that gets right down to the base of your rug fibres.

Step 5: Groomed Pile Alignment

Once we’ve finished treating your rugs, we’ll thoroughly vacuum and groom them so they will be clean and dry within one to two hours and will look and feel like new again.

Step 6: Post-Vacuum and Myhome Quality Care

All our Dry-Touch services are followed by a post-clean treatment, where our technicians return the next day to give your treated rugs a thorough final vacuum and to tackle any remaining stubborn stains with a second treatment if necessary. We do this to ensure you’ve received what we believe is the most thorough and exclusive rug cleaning service available in Melbourne.

The Benefits:

There’s something luxurious about having your rugs and carpets professionally cleaned – they smell good and the fibres feel exquisite between your toes.

Your rugs are clean, dry and ready to use in just 1 hour – no long wait while they dry out.

No Damage
Dry-Touch doesn’t damage your rug with water and harmful chemicals.

Long lasting
We extract all residues, so your rugs stay cleaner for longer

Healthy and Hygienic
Our deep cleaning system gets right to the base of the pile and harmful pollutants and proteins are filtered out – keeping your home clean and you healthy.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – We Get It Right or We Do It Again!

Dry-Touch provides superior stain removal – we believe if we can’t clean it, no one can. Which is why we guarantee that if you’re not completely satisfied with your clean, we’ll do it again completely FREE of charge!

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Call us now 13 22 31 for a free, no obligation quotation. Or, click on the Free Estimate button below.

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