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A Guide to Pet Friendly Carpets

Owning a pet requires a huge lifestyle change, but what’s just as important for homeowners is setting up a pet friendly home for your new furry additions. Pets can bring in a lot of dirt, dust, and other nasties into your home. Fortunately, there are certain types of carpet that are much more pet friendly, meaning you can enjoy healthy vibrant carpets even with your dogs, cats, and other pets in your home! Read below for our guide to pet friendly carpets which includes pet friendly carpet choices and the best pet friendly carpets you can invest in for your home.

MyHome offers cleaning services for all types of carpets & fabrics including rugs, mattresses, chairs, sofas, leather, curtains, and more.

Carpet Pile Type

Carpets are made in two different pile types – loop pile and cut pile. As the name infers, loop piles refer to carpet fibres that have individual loop strands all throughout the carpet. Loop pile carpets ensure carpets aren’t as easily flattened out and have a better ability to retain their shape. However, the downside is that loop pile carpet types often get caught in pet’s claws, resulting in ripped carpet fibres and loose strands.

This is why we recommend getting cut pile type carpets for a more pet-friendly carpet padding. Cut pile carpets have straight strands of carpet fibres that aren’t intertwined or connected to one another. This makes it less likely for pets to make rips, tears, and damage your carpets as the carpet strands won’t get caught up in your pets claws.

Look for Stain Resistant Carpet Types

In terms of carpet materials, you can either get the natural fibres such as wool, or synthetic like nylon. Many would prefer to have natural carpets for the look and feel, however natural carpets are much more prone to stains and damages than synthetic types. Synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester (or a combination of both) are made to be much stronger and more stain resistant.

So if you’re worried about your pets knocking over things like your glasses and cups off your tables – whether it’s filled with coffee, juice, wine, or anything else that’ll cause a carpet stain – investing in synthetic carpet types are the better pet friendly carpet choices you can make for your home.

MyHome Carpet Cleaners guarantee results – we’re confident in meeting and exceeding your expectations that if by any means you’re unhappy with our services, we’ll do the job again free of charge!

Choosing the Right Colour

Colour is also very important for choosing pet friendly carpets. You could either go for carpets that are a similar shade to the colour of your pets’ fur or go for a darker shade to make it easier for maintenance and cleaning. Darker shades of carpet are much easier to manage than light coloured carpets, especially in the long term after many years of use, wear and tear, possible spills or stains, and more.

Maintenance is Key

Even though getting the right carpet pile type, material, and colour can make a huge difference in making your home more pet friendly, keeping your carpets fresh and clean is all about good maintenance habits. Carpets require regular vacuuming, cleaning, and care in order for it to last longer, and for many busy working homeowners there is simply not enough time to do proper carpet cleaning routines.

This is where professional carpet cleaning services like the ones available at MyHome are able to help. We take the stress away from needing to do domestic chores like house and carpet cleaning, so you can gain more time in your day to day to do more of the things you enjoy.

If you’re looking for a reliable carpet cleaning service provider who you can trust to clean your carpets in your home, choose none other than MyHome today. We’ve cleaned many different types of homes with all sorts of pets, and know the best ways to remove pet fur, stains, and other imperfections from your carpets! Contact our professional carpet cleaning service today.