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What is the Best Carpet for Allergies?

Carpets often get a bad rep for those who are highly sensitive to dust or have bad allergies. But studies have shown that having carpets may not actually be bad for those with allergies. This is because carpets, unlike hardwood flooring, trap dust and allergens instead of having it floating around the air – which is where it’s more likely to come into contact and cause sneezing, skin reactions, etc.

However, the allergens stuck in the rugs and carpet fibres can still trigger allergy symptoms as they can still come into contact with us – especially kids who play on the floor. This requires regular and even professional carpet cleaning to maintain a healthy and fresh carpet. The good news is that in terms of choosing a carpet material type, there are better options that are safer for allergies than others. Here are our recommendations for the best hypoallergenic carpets:

Myhome Carpet Cleaning’s innovative 6 Step Dry Touch Cleaning System provides a deeper clean for your carpets – lifting stubborn dirt, dust, and other allergy causing particles.


Nylon is a man-made carpet material that we recommend for those with allergies. Nylon carpets are manufactured and treated in a way that repels allergens and avoids them from becoming easily trapped within the carpet fibres. Nylon also doesn’t trap moisture which avoids situations like mould and fungal growth. Its known to be quite durable and can be conveniently maintained since it comes in short piles that allow for dirt and dust to lift easily when vacuuming. One thing to note about synthetic or man-made carpets is to look out for their volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, which indicate the amount of carbon-based emissions it produces that commonly trigger allergic reactions, headaches, and more. The carpets and furnitures made nowadays have little or only minor traces of it, but it’s something to look out for nonetheless.

Myhome Carpet Cleaning transforms your home into a healthier, fresher, cleaner, and a more allergy-friendly living space that you can enjoy with your family and friends.


Wool is another hypoallergenic carpet option that is natural (unlike Nylon) and thus gentler for the skin. Wool also has the ability to trap particles from smoke and other chemicals so that we aren’t breathing them in – improving our air quality. However, the biggest downside is that wool can be prone to absorbing moisture. With thorough and regular cleaning, you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of having wool carpets.

Myhome Carpet Cleaning’s Special Offer – 2 Rooms Cleaned for just $149. We’ll even move around furniture to reach every inch of carpet that you want cleaned.

Just because you or someone in your family has allergies, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy comfortable carpets for your home. Regardless of which carpet flooring you choose, it’s important to regularly clean your carpets and ensure it is as free of allergens as possible. At Myhome Carpet Cleaning, we’ve been providing specialised carpet cleaning services tailored to keeping homes safer for allergy, asthma, and eczema sufferers.

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