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The Best Types of Carpet to Buy and Why

When it comes to choosing the right type of carpet to buy, everyone wants a carpet flooring that retains its vibrance for years to come. Selecting the wrong type of carpet material can make your indoor area appear much more unclean than it actually is – and could require more maintenance in the future to upkeep its quality. Once you buy and install carpets for your home, it’s a difficult task to go back and change it. This is why we’ve compiled a few of the main things you should know about carpet materials, to help you select the best carpet to buy for your new indoor area.

My Home Clean is an established, professional cleaning company in Australia with over 10 years of experience maintaining beautiful and spotless homes. Our reputation is built on prioritising customer satisfaction, which is why more customers are choosing My Home Clean to take care of their cleaning needs! 

Types of Carpet Material

The type of carpet material you choose should essentially align with your lifestyle. It’s useful to outline how each room will be used: some questions to start considering include whether the carpet will be prone to food and drink spillage, have any pets you keep indoors, or how many people will be walking in and out of the room – especially if there’ll be lots of footprints from little children running around. Here’s an overview of the main types of carpet materials to choose from and how they’d be suitable for your indoor area.


Nylon carpets are amongst the most popular choices for homes in Australia. It’s known for its durability and strong resistance to high amounts of foot traffic. This means it’s great for families with young, active children and even pets that are kept indoors. Because of this, it’s also great to be carpeted anywhere around the home and isn’t susceptible to easily fading in the sunlight. The only drawback is that it is not as stain-resistant, but you can always opt to get stain resistant treatments for nylon carpets to keep it looking fresher for longer.


Polypropylene is the next most common carpet material used in homes after nylon carpets. Polypropylene carpets are also great for high-traffic areas and offers budget friendly prices. It’s not as easy to clean as nylon carpets however, and can’t hide stains very well. it may also look cheap or low quality when it hasn’t been maintained properly.

At My Home Clean, our unique ‘Dry-Touch System’ uses the latest cleaning technologies to give you unparalleled results in clean and vibrant carpets for your home. Regardless of your carpet material – wool, nylon, blended, polyester, polypropylene – we’ll guarantee a spotless and clean finish.


Polyester carpets are often sought out because of its incredibly soft and smooth carpet feel. The price tag is a little higher compared to the other carpet options, and it’s not as resistant to holding its weight, leaving footprints behind quite easily. Similarly to polypropylene material, polyester also can’t conceal stains as well as nylon and is also susceptible to fading from bright sunlight.


Wool carpets are also another popular option for the luxurious and soft carpet appeal. It’s a dense and durable carpet choice, however requires the most maintenance and cleaning as it’s not stain resistant, can attract dirt and bugs more easily, and is prone to fading.

The Best Carpets are Clean Carpets

Whether you’re considering synthetic carpet like nylon or opting for more natural materials like wool, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to ensure it’s in its best quality. Sometimes vacuuming and cleaning carpets yourself may not do a thorough enough job. This is where hiring cleaning professionals at My Home Clean Carpet can help. With a range of dedicated services specifically aimed towards cleaning all types of carpets, our experienced cleaners can keep your carpets looking brand-new and freshly cleaned for your family and guests to enjoy. Call us today at 13 22 31.

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