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How to Remove Carpet Mould

Mould found on your carpet are clear red flags that requires immediate attention. Not only is carpet mould unsightly but being exposed to the mould can be extremely harmful for your health. From skin allergies, skin irritations, to fungal infections, carpet mould can cause a wide range of health problems for you and your family. We’ll go through the causes of carpet mould (and how to prevent it) as well as 3 methods you can use at home to remove mould in your carpets. However, these methods are suited to minor areas of mould growth – for more extreme cases, we recommend getting the assistance of professional carpet cleaners at My Home Clean.

My Home Clean are the experts in home and carpet cleaning services, guaranteeing fast services for impressive results. We’ve helped clean homes in Melbourne for years and have built a reputation that places your satisfaction as our top priority.

What Causes Carpet Mould?

To understand how you can prevent carpet mould from growing in your home, it’s crucial to know how it’s formed in the first place.

Essentially, when carpet is exposed to water damage for an extended period of time, mould starts to form. This is why carpet must be kept dry and clean at all times to avoid any type of mould growth. You’ll commonly find mould within carpets that are black in colour such as Cladosporium, which is a fungal mould that pose severe health threats for those who come in contact with the mould.

3 Methods for Carpet Mould Removal

To prepare for any sort of carpet mould removal, there are several optional steps you can do to ensure the best chance at getting rid of the carpet mould. This involves:

  • Running a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture in the air
  • Increasing airflow by opening windows
  • Wearing safety protection such as gloves and masks to avoid contact with the mould

Note: You should avoid running a fan directly at the infected carpet area as this could help spread and permeate the mould into nearby carpet fibres. The best thing you can do is reduce the level of moisture in the carpet – which will inhibit mould growth in the long run.

With My Home Carpet Cleaning services, you’ll have a brand new carpet feel in your home which will last longer, reduce the risk of allergies, and prevent the build-up of unsightly traffic lines.

Anti-Mould or Anti-Fungal Product

Your local supermarket will have the basic anti-mould products you can use for your carpets which also doesn’t cost much. Since they’re made from powerful chemicals, they’re often efficient in getting rid of most of the mould found in your carpet, though you should be wary when handling it and use with caution.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Pour a generous amount of baking soda to absorb any excess moisture from the carpet to stop it from growing more mould. Then, using a scrub, pour vinegar (white vinegar is best to avoid stains) onto the mouldy carpet area and scrub deeply. Afterwards, it’s best to leave the carpet to dry for a few hours and ensure no moisture is left.

All of My Home’s cleaners are highly trained and certified from the ACCI (Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute), which guarantees your peace of mind and high quality of service whenever you choose My Home Clean for all your home cleaning needs!

Bleach and Water

Bleach is more commonly known to stop mould growth in hard surfaces, however it’s a good step in preventing mould growth even in carpeted fabrics. Since bleach is a strong chemical that can easily discolour or damage your carpet if used directly, simply dilute the bleach with water – one part bleach and 8 parts water for a 1:8 ratio will suffice. You can pour the solution onto the infected carpet area and scrub away similarly with the previous techniques. Allow to dry.

Hire My Home Professional Carpet Cleaners

To be assured all traces of mould are removed from all carpeted areas of your home, it’s best to get in touch with the professional cleaners at My Home Clean. We specialise in carpet cleaning, giving you fast, reliable, and long term results for a clean and fresh home you can enjoy with family and friends. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, give us a ring today on 13 22 31 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.