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How Often Should You Replace Carpets?

Regular cleaning and maintenance do wonders for extending carpet lifespan, but it can only do so much until it reaches the point where it simply just needs replacing. No matter how meticulous and tidy you may be, all carpets are in need of a complete renewal.

How Long Does Carpet Last

A common question among many homeowners is ‘how long does carpet last?’ and typically, carpets last from anywhere between 5-15 years before it needs replacing. Having young kids who often run around on the carpet, frequent guests, or even having pets can all contribute to needing carpet replacements closer to the 5 year mark. On the other hand, if you regularly clean your carpets and have very light foot traffic on your carpets at home, then your carpet could last up to 15 years.

The best way to gauge exactly when to replace your carpet requires the consideration of a range of factors. Here are the 7 biggest signs to help you answer the question, ‘how often should carpet be replaced?’:

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1. Stains

Even if your carpeting has been applied with a stain resistant finish, often times this fades away after a few years. Stains left behind by urine, vomit, and mold can mean there are traces of unwanted bacteria deep in the carpet fibres and padding. If you only have a few stains, it would be possible to cover them up with furniture or a mat but when your entire carpeted area looks unsightly and has stains dispersed everywhere, it’s no doubt time for a carpet replacement.

2. Smells/Odours

There are many DIY methods of removing strange and unpleasant odours from your carpet but such methods may only mask the smell temporarily and leave you at square one again. If you have bad smells lingering from your carpeting, we recommend getting professional carpet cleaning services at My Home.

Only then will you be able to get a thorough, deep cleaning of your carpet to get rid of any bacteria, dirt, or stains that are causing nasty odours. However, if certain smells still remain, the best next step to do is to get a whole new carpeting for your home instead.

3. Dampness and Mould

Mould and signs of water damage in your carpet are one of the more immediate signs that you should take action against. It’s not only very unhygienic and potentially harmful for your family but mould can spread to surrounding carpeted areas fast.

Typically, if your home has experienced a flood or had a large spill of water that took a long time to dry out, this could have caused a buildup of bacteria or mould growth deep within your carpeting.

This could also lead to stains, odours, and other symptoms leaving your carpets in bad shape. As soon as you discover dampness or mould, get in touch with carpet professionals who can assist in replacing your carpets.

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4. Increased Allergies

Older carpets tend to hold onto more dust that can trigger asthma and other allergy symptoms. If you find that you, your family, or guests are sneezing, sniffling, and coughing much more when inside the carpeted areas of your home, it’s time for a carpet replacement.

5. Flattened Carpet Fibres

Even if you bought short pile that’s more durable and made to last longer, all carpets can only sustain a certain amount of foot traffic before becoming flattened and in need of a replacement.

Nylon carpets are known to be much stronger and can bounce back even if it becomes slightly flattened over time. But we commonly find polyester carpets in homes, and they’re the types of carpeting materials that cannot lift back up again once it becomes flattened through use.

Regular carpet deep cleaning can help extend the carpet lifespan, but it’s best to change flattened carpets for a healthier home.

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6. Wear and Tear of Carpet

If you see carpet strings ripping apart or see loose edges coming off the floor, this is another clear sign to look for carpet change. Smaller rips and tears may be fixable by carpet professionals but for larger and more noticeable rips, your home would be far better off getting the entire carpeted area removed and replaced – especially if that area has a high foot traffic.

7. Exposed Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is what you’ll find underneath the carpet fibres, and provides a supportive foundation to the carpet flooring. Carpet padding helps with insulation and buffering sound. The downside is that carpet padding can easily absorb liquids, dirt, and spills that are extremely difficult to clean even with professional carpet cleaning services.

Once you see signs of carpet padding being exposed as you look from right above your carpet surface, you’ll know that your carpet needs replacing right away.

How often you should be replacing your carpets will be different for everyone, since it incorporates several different factors and also depends on your own individual home lifestyle as well.

From stains to allergies to wear and tear, it’s best to closely examine your own carpet and look out for the signs to know when you should be getting your next new carpet for your home.

Alternatively, you can always get the advice and recommendations from carpet cleaning professionals such as My Home.

With over 10 years of professional carpet cleaning experience, My Home can tailor and deliver exceptional cleaning services to leave you with a healthier, fresher, and happier home. Call 13 22 31 for a free quote today or fill out our  online form for a free estimate.